Learn how to create balance through life’s many changes

and the earth’s natural rhythms.

If I could convince you of only one thing, it’s this: that there’s a path to alleviate suffering—of feeling unwell, anxious, or like you’re spread too thin. There are tools that can help you heal, get back to yourself, and remember what is meaningful.

Hi, I'm Jasprit Bhuee

I have been practicing Ayurveda for over a decade guiding women to awaken their inner healers and cultivate balance.
I bring the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda to relevance for today’s world. I love sharing the simplicity of nature’s bountiful gifts and teachings to bring balance to life’s complexities. Ayurveda is the perfect antidote to the busy life as the nourishing practices serve to create more space in our lives. I continue to study and share the tools I have gathered along my path.


  •  1 ON 1 Ayurvedic Health + Life Coaching

  • Intuitive Herbal Sessions

Upcoming local events and workshops


  • Ayurvedic Thai Yoga Massage

  • Ayurvedic Scalp Massage

  • Intuitive Reiki Healing Sessions

Coming Soon...

Ayurvedic herbal self care products for ritual and pleasure.  Inspired by the rhythms of nature.

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-Jasprit Bhuee_

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