Why juice "cleansing" isn't beneficial

To juice cleanse or not to juice cleanse

I get this question a lot.

Juice cleanses are popular and so is the popular celery juicing – but they are not a great way to decongest your liver.

Let me tell you why:

The liver sees a toxin – creates bile – puts toxin in the bile and then sends the bile to the gallbladder.

Then we eat a meal containing fat and this then sends the signal to the gallbladder to release the bile into the intestinal tract to than be expelled to the bowls.

If there are no fats, the body can’t excrete toxin via the bile.

(People who experience gallstones most often eat a low fat diet or have )

So … I am going to be real, trends like celery juice are just that - another trend.

Please save your time and money.

A 3-7 day juice cleanse is not cleansing anything.

•You don’t need to juice

•You don’t need to fast

•You don’t need expensive supplements

•You don’t need to spend your entire day and life focusing on food.

•You need to eat digestible foods to assist in your body in receiving what it needs

•You need to work on your sleep and lifestyle behaviors to create a long lasting change

•You need to move your body to assist with detox and motility – in ways that is right for your body so not to further deplete it.

•You need to learn to breath, rest your mind/body and reduce stress

If you do want to add juices or juice “cleanses” then make sure you add some fat to your juice – raw pastured egg yolk or cream, so that the liver and gallbladder can actually excrete toxins from the body if this is your intention.

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