When the thyroid is not functioning properly it can have a wide range of effects in the body.

The endocrine system is like a finely tuned orchestra - problems or weaknesses in one part of the system can adversely affect other parts of the system.

There are many stressors on the endocrine system that we cannot control – workplace stress, accidents and injuries and so on.

But it turns out that we can control two huge stressors: what time we go to bed, and what and how we eat. If we are committed to both, we give our body more leeway to handle the other stressors, making it more difficult for them to drag us down into ill health.

Right now collectively we are all under stresses that we can not control - from lockdowns, job loses to having our children home to now again re-adjusting to working again and waking up! - remember to take care of yourself.

Just like our body systems the bigger external systems also trickle down to weaken other areas in our communities - taking care to show up for advocacy in your life is so important and taking care of the temple that divinity resides is a foundation. - take rest , breath , address your biases let them move through you.

Put on a pot of broth and allow things to extract and soften. Nourish your shifts and growth.

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