Waking up at night? can't get back to sleep?

Did you know that healthy livers need sugar to function?!

❌A lot of people think that the liver is a filter.

✅It is our metabolic regulator- the battery pack of the body.

The liver

•performs over 500 functions (breaking down toxins, hormones and getting them where they need to go and out of your body

•maintainsour blood sugar levels – you can’t run on air.

Stores up glucose in storage form of glycogen – and then in to glucose and feeds the cell.

💡What do our cells need? – glucose, and a steady supply of it. – this keeps your cortisol from breaking down your tissue

👎🏽If the liver is not healthy it can not store up enough glucose to keep us going during times of not eating.

A long with glucose the liver needs b vitamins, vitamin c, e, a and minerals

😩Having hormones that are out of balance and consistent high stress – the liver suffers and has a very hard time doing its job.

👉🏽So for all my ladies who tell me about their struggles of waking up in the night 2-3am – your blood sugar is low and not regulated.

🤯Fuel is needed. The fastest way to get back to sleep is to have a snack like these:

🍯🧀Some honey and cheese

🍊Orange juice with collagen

💁🏽‍♀️You woke up because your body turned on its flight or fight response – fueling your body can help you relax again.

Waking up is your liver trying to regulate your blood sugar levels.

😀Sleeping soundly is a sign of a healthy woman.

To help with this:

⏰ Eat upon waking

🍽Eat every 3-4 hours

🍠🍳Combine protein with carb

🛌 Eat a bedtime snack

📞 Book a session for personalized 1:1 work.

Do you struggle with this ? ⤵️

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