Thyroid function tests improve as liver inflammation resolves

Improper liver function is correlated with thyroid disease. Thyroid function tests improve as liver inflammation resolves.

The liver performs an exhaustive list of functions. From manufacturing enzymes responsible for blood clotting, producing bile for everyday digestion of fats and the absorption of fat soluble vitamins into our blood stream and stores and release glucose for energy when your blood sugar gets low. It breaks down excess estrogen and escorts it out of the body so you don’t form cystic breast or ovaries, not to mention fibroids. It also filters and purifies your blood system. And 15% of your bodies total blood supply is being filtered by the liver.

The liver has an amazing ability to regenerate itself – as little as 25% of the original liver mass can regenerate back to its original size.

The liver plays a key role in our immune function as well!

When the liver becomes overtaxed with the work of removing these acidic toxins (AMA) from our bodies the liver becomes inflamed. And it is this overheating that causes the immune system to hyper react and create an autoimmune response.

Remember this congestion occurs over time.

Some ways to start to reduce liver congestion:

• Reducing processed foods

• Reducing the consumption of alcohol and other stimulants

• Switching out your skin care products

• Taking care not to breath in chemicals or polluted air

Remember one dhatu (tissue level) affects the next -so...

balancing blood sugar levels by eating metabolic foods that are supportive to your body's needs as well as other lifestyle practices is key and everyone is different and everyone’s needs are different.

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