The thyroid and metabolism connection

How does the metabolism slow down?

Have you had your blood work done and you’re told they are normal?

Did you know that thyroid imbalances can take years to show up – particularly if only THS is being tested?

Your thyroid regulates your metabolism.

So what happens?

We burn through minerals when we are under stress – and the road to depletion comes- first causing enzymes that regulate digestion and thyroid hormone conversions to slow down.

I see this time and time again - the world we live in is fast and hurried. Balanced nutrition is often overlooked - and to my new mums out there or to be - make sure you are receiving the postpartum care of nourishment and recovery that you require.

It is vital to replenish when our stress is high or we WILL hit depletion setting off the chain to dysfunction.

Ways to Replenish:

✅Re-mineralize – Roots, fruits, liver oysters – whole foods (more to come on this)

✅Support liver – Consume enough protein and fats – see a few posts back

✅Manage blood sugar – Eating within one hour of waking. Combine foods well –carbs and proteins – eat regularly and drink coffee after your meal not on an empty stomach

✅Reduce – limit stress – practice healthy routines and boundaries. Lower toxic load – beauty and cleaning products

✅Reduce – limit PUFA – Nuts, seeds, nut butters , nut seed milks, canola, palm, vegetable oils and low quality fish oils

✅Don’t over exercise – Exercise is good – but so is recovery – are you putting out more than you are taking in for recovery? (nutrition as well as rest). ⁠

✅Eating enough: Most women are not eating nearly enough, especially protein- Plant proteins are not the same as animal proteins

✅Address underlying gut dysbiosis: ⁠Gut health impacts absorption of nutrients, enzyme activity, thyroid hormone conversion, and other hormones.

✅Focus on nutrient-dense, REAL WHOLE foods that are nutrient dense the body use are these as foundations for optimal health.

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