The importance of liver - its a superfood!

I grew up vegetarian, and then was vegan for almost 13 years – lived a fast, go go go life – thinking I had a ton of energy but was really running on cortisol – eeek. The idea of eating meat let alone liver had never crossed my mind.

Many nutritional breakdowns of foods don’t give us the whole story. Yes you can get nutrients from plants – but they are not made equally.

After long periods of prolonged stress it is vital to heal your body and get metabolically back on track. If you are thinking of getting pregnant is vital to prepare your body. It is also important to nourish your body post-partum as well. Many woman after a child or two are even more depleted and can become mineral deficient impacting their thyroid and metabolism down the road.

Liver – one of the most nutritionally packed foods on the planet. Liver -like eggs, is a cholesterol rich (cholesterol is produced in the liver) food, but as you know (see a few post back) cholesterol does not significantly affect blood cholesterol levels, or increase chances of heart disease.

Liver will not only give you 25 grams of protein in a 4 oz serving but it will also supply you with Vitamins D, E, K folate, thiamin, B6, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, choline and copious amounts of vitamin A and B12. In addition liver is filled with zinc and phosphorus. (Go back and read that iron post )

To help you visualize – it would take 5 pounds of fruit to equal the same amount of nutrition content in only 4 oz of liver. Ounce for ounce, no other food supplies you with that much nutrition

Some points to remember

➡️Animal retinol is essential for converting cholesterol into sex hormones like progesterone.

➡️A powerhouse of minerals, specifically COPPER.

➡️Bioavailable copper, in its whole form, is needed by every single cell to turn the food we eat into energy

➡️It’s a fertility, virility and cell balancing mineral and many are deficient in it.

➡️Grass-fed beef liver- a food that cannot be replaced.

My favorite way to eat it is to either cut it into chunks and swallow it raw, or add to ground beef (4oz a week)or take desiccated liver capsules (I like ancestral supplements) real deal is better

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