The ancestral wisdom of bone broth

Broth is ancestral and rooted in deep slow nourishment.

Many traditional cultures have used broths to treat not only common colds but also gastro intestinal issues, joint pain, depression, hair, skin, nails and bone health.

In our busy lives broth may seem like a hassle to make, too time consuming and tedious (but really its not)

Many focus on muscle meats only in their diets (chicken, steak, fish etc) and throw away the bone, and other connective tissues. These discarded parts produce gelatinous, nutrient filled food containing potent healing protein (collagen/gelatin) and essential minerals.

Why gelatin is so important:

✅Improved digestion

✅Improved sleep

✅Increased insulin sensitivity

✅Increased gastric juices in stomach

✅Healing the gut lining + protecting the stomach from ulcers

✅Improved allergies

✅Improved wound healing

✅Improved liver detoxification

✅Improved hair, skin, hair + nails

✅Helping with arthritis

✅Helping with diabetes

✅Helping inflammation

❗️Gelatin is void of inflammatory amino acid tryptophan. Gelatin also contains very little cysteine, methionine, and histidine.

Many people who are in a hypo-metabolic state consuming a high muscle meat diet only can lead to ❗️inflammatory issues, like poor digestion

❗️achy joints, muscle loss, allergies

❗️poor sleep


❗️detox issues



❗️weight gain etc .

💡 A person with a sluggish metabolism would benefit from diet low in muscle meat and high in bone broth and gelatin.

✅Gelatin is also high in glycine – glycine is the simplest of all amino acids. Glycine is used for synthesis of heme, the portion of the blood that carries oxygen.


▶️Synthesize creatine, which helps supply energy to the heart and muscle cells.

▶️Synthesize bile slats, purines and nucleic acid which are the building blocks of RNA + DHA

▶️And is needed for detoxification – glycine is one of the amino acids that make up glutathione, one of the key detoxification enzymes.

Head to the link in my bio for free resource to make your own bone broth.

Do you consume bone broth ? Will you try it out ?

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