Symptoms of burnout may be low key at first, but over time they can set you ablaze.

Vital exhaustion is a term used to describe the exhaustion of our life-giving body systems.

When the pressure is on, the nervous system responds. The hypothalamus in the brain registers this and alerts the pituitary gland which in turn, switch the adrenal on to full power. This activation of the HPA axis mean that levels of stress hormones adrenaline (epinephrine) cortisol, and neurotransmitter noradrenaline (norepinephrine), are all revved up in a way that’s designed to keep you gong – in the short time – while you are deprived of sleep, regular food and time to rest. This is a feature of the bodies’ fight/flight/freeze response to threat.

What’s critical about this response is that it’s designed for the short term, to give us the resources we need to get out of danger and enable us to survive.

Maintaining this acutely reactive state in the long term is not what the body was designed to do, and in time is insidious effect is detrimental to the body and mind.

Over time the endocrines system is over taxed an affects everything from digestion, hormones, thyroid imbalances and more.

Some Symptoms of impending burnout can include:

⚠️Difficulties with concentration and memory

⚠️Brain fog


⚠️Low stress tolerance and irritability

⚠️Scattered and Unable to concentrate

⚠️Lack of energy


The physical symptoms can show up in many ways – fatigue being a huge one.

Vital exhaustion is associated with increased inflammation and heightened activation of the body’s physiologic stress response. This is why it is so important to reassess your to do lists, ditch the things that don’t matter and really figure out what your values are. This is also why building resilience through proper metabolic nutrition is so important.

✅Build a body environment that will allow you to adapt to short stressful situations.

✅ Balance blood sugar levels

✅Eat metabolically

✅Prioritize rest – take a day off

✅Book a session for support

🕊– God did not design us to be working 7 days a week – even He rested and wants you to as well.

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