Stress creates havoc on the metabolism

After almost two decades in practice -you know what is missed when it comes to all the healing protocols? Addressing STRESS.

What it comes down to are the CELLS – optimal function of the liver and gut are required to concert inactive T4 to active thyroid hormone T3…. And yes these organs are made up of cells.

The proper cell function requires glucose, protein and nutrients.

So if you your program is focused on fasting, restricting, eliminating large food groups, crazy rules and dogmas then you are not going to provide the environment your body requires to really function at its optimal level.

Cortisol often gets a bad rap and its not a bad hormone – it does have a function. It helps to regulate and maintain our sleep/wake cycles ,helps to reduce inflammation & is available when we don’t have enough fuel or when we are in a stressful situation. So, you see – when you don’t have enough fuel regularly (aka restricted diets) then you are living off of cortisol – this is not good.

Cortisol keeps us going – but at a price – it will start to breakdown our muscles, tendons, glands, tissues & can send them to the liver to be made into sugar.

The body is intelligent – it was created by the most intelligent– it is not designed to live in stress mode – the body can sense stress & starts to slow down thyroid function, using nutrients for vital organs – you know the ones we need to survive (heart, lungs etc)

A slow metabolism = cells have to work much harder to function.

The adrenals need to work harder & often fatigue as they are picking up the slack for an under functioning thyroid

and this can suppress reproduction as nutrients are being used to survive – its focus is not sex hormones.

It is all connected – adrenals, thyroid, sex hormones. They all need to be supported to create lasting change.

So – cortisol is not bad – but if you are living off of stress hormones and are using them to make fuel for you without the beneficial effects of progesterone to protect us – this can create havoc in the female body.

Balancing and restoring thyroid/ hormone function a key (without stressing out)

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