Stress and the mitochondria

Sleep is often the first casualties of a hyperactive, over stimulated state of body & mind. A continued lack of sleep will contribute further to the possibility of burn out.

A tired body demands help to stay awake. A lack of adequate restorative sleep makes us secrete stress hormones to compensate for chronic fatigue. This in turn makes us feel more stressed & sleep becomes increasingly elusive. Think about how, after a very late night, maybe spent out or up late working, watching T.V, playing video games- anything that is hyper-stimulated, you find your heart racing madly the next day. This is the adrenaline effect writ large: a body revved up for action when your mind is saying, I must rest and recover.

Occasional lack of sleep can be compensated for but over time a chronically hyper-stimulated body with an altered baseline finds it difficult to change modes from switched on to off.

Steps you can start to take today throughout the day and before you go to bed – some of which will help you provide cues to your body that its time to sleep.

✅Balance your blood sugar. Eat small regular balanced meals thought out the day

✅Avoid any caffeine after 3pm

✅Avoid any screens (laptops,smartphones, tablets)for 2 hours before bed

✅Take a warm bath before bed, make sure the room in which you sleep is not over heated.

✅Ensure your bedroom is dark

✅Read or journal before bed ( not on a device)

We respond to light and darkness. When the eye is exposed to light, the excretion of the sleep hormone melatonin is inhibited. Without its secretion, we tend not to feel sleepy. Dim and darkening light stimulates the secretion of melatonin, and this is a critical aid in feeling sleepy and falling asleep.

Eating something sweet & salty an hour to 30 min before bed. Sugar + salt lower stress hormones. When blood sugar levels are maintained, stress hormones decrease & getting to sleep becomes easier.

🍯 Milk, raw honey and a pinch of salt

🍊 Pulp free orange juice, gelatin and pinch of salt

🦴 Bone broth, salt and fruit

🧀 Fruit and Parmigiano Riggiano cheese.

Food is a vital part to a healthy body, but if you continue to overwork, are stressed etc- food can only take you so far

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