Signs of a strong metabolism

Digging in to all the layers that make up a healthy mind, body and spirit is where we start when we work together.

From emotional traumas to previous and current lifestyles.

What medications you have been on or are on. From histories of yo yo dieting, over exercising, undernourished pregnancies, infections to mold and toxin exposure – depending on your history, your nature and life – things can look very different in the approach you as an individual need to take. Two people with the same symptoms will almost always have two different protocols.

We start by slowly adding in changes that set and create foundations, and start to slowly remove stressors.

As you are replenishing nutrients and the energy the body needs – things can come up – things can get discouraging - life happens – sometimes it can look like 2 steps forward and feel like one step back. The goal isn’t perfection but progression. The goal is to build awareness and to take realistic steps that work for you.

So what are some markers of a healthy metabolism?

• Stable moods

• Good digestion

• 1-3 full and satisfying bowl movements daily

• A stable weight

• Deep restorative, un-interruptive sleep for 7-9 hrs

• Strong immune system

• Strong healthy hair, skin and nails

• Regular ovulation and periods

• Steady energy throughout the day

• Warm hands and feet

• Body temps 98-99 F

• Pulse rate 75-90

• Strong libido

Remember – stress is the number one way to deplete minerals – the quest of perfect health and ridged dogmatic thinking will burn you out. Our modern world comes with many stressors and having a strong spiritual, nutritional and lifestyle foundation can help to mitigate that.

Remember the stressors won’t all go away but your body will be more equipped to handle them and not throw your nervous system for a loop.

Based on the points above - how are you feeling ?

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