Running on empty?

Do you ever feel like your bodys “check engine” light is on and your still driving like” nah, it’ll be fine”?

Is this you? Because it was me for so much of my 20’s

Typically it’s not until later in life when things start to show up, it could be an increase of painful periods, hot flashes, anxiety, insomnia, etc.

We can of course experience these at any time, but again, there tends to be a resiliency and a push-through when we are in the hustle of life.

For women, hormones start to shift at age 35. The more proactive we are about managing stress and stressors, the more easeful the beautiful process of aging will be. Wherever you are in your life stage I invite you to tune in to your body and ask yourself what it is requiring – more sleep, quiet, more breath, less stress, less stimulation, more food etc.

Make a list of the things that make you happy and feel good. Make a list of the things you do every day. Compare these list and adjust accordingly.

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