Preconception considerations

reconception care is so important and often overlooked – it is crucial in preparing to conceive a baby.

Many studies show that nutritional deficiencies, illnesses, toxin exposure and other factors influence the health of the egg and sperm.

The reason I suggest preconception care 3-4 (or more) months before conception is that is takes up to 100 days for a oocyte (immature egg) to mature and 74 days for spermatogenesis to occure – the production of mature sperm.

That being said if you are nutritionally depleted during those months leading up – it could affect the quality of the egg or sperm.

Preconception nutrition + care is also about prevention. In traditional cultures- like my own - preconception is just as important as postpartum care. By taking action and care prior to pregnancy, you can prevent many future problems, imbalances and depletions- particularly if you are coming from a history of restrictive eating, trending diets (vegan/ keto, fasting) or excessive working out .

You maybe thinking “I have a pretty good diet, I eat well and exercise, I don’t smoke – what else do I need to be doing? – why would this benefit me? “

With fertility issues affecting 1 in 6 couples (according to The Canadian Fertility Society) , preconception care should not just be considered as a last resort when months of trying to conceive are unsuccessful.


〰️Gut health

〰️Hormone/metabolism balance

〰️Thyroid function

〰️Liver detoxification

〰️Looking into your history and current life’s exposure to chemical exposure (drugs, alcohol, smoking , environmental toxins)

〰️Nutritional status – do you have any deficiencies

〰️Medication use

〰️History of contraceptive use

〰️Assessing your supplements – did you know some can lead to more deficiencies?

And more…

✅Making sure your body is thriving and functioning optimally will provide you and your baby with healthy development and recovery.

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