One Size DOES NOT Fit All

Way back when ...

•I used to believe animal foods were inflammatory.

•Removing dairy from my diet would make my acne disappear.

•I believed that carbohydrates and sugar would make me fat.

•That fat would make me fat.

•I have been vegan, vegetarian, low-fat, low-carb, Paleo, keto, dairy-free, intermittent fasting and other diets.

Like always - some symptoms got a bit better the more restrictive I was.(Does this sound familiar?)

But many stayed the same and others got worse (some eventually way worse).

It wasn’t until I took a step back and saw the hypocrisy amongst the health care system and marketing sold as education/fact that I knew something was up.

I had it totally backwards. And like most I was chasing symptoms not the root cause - I don’t blame you -there is a lot of information out there.

Once I started to realize that it wasn’t dairy’s fault, carb’s, fault, etc., I started to make real progress. The symptoms got better - I have focused on physiology, the human body and individualism for years now- it’s God’s design. It’s the only way.

The foods so many of us avoid hold incredible healing properties.

If this is currently you, hopping from one restrictive diet to the next, the very things you’re cutting out of your life might be what you actually need. Restriction isn’t sustainable- physically or mentally.

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