Not being hungry in the morning is a sign of low metabolic function

Skipping breakfast for so long – when I was growing up was seen as some sort of badge of honour – right up there with hustling your butt and being super busy.

I hear it all the time – and believe me – I used to be right there too.

My mornings started with a tea or a coffee – straight up on an empty stomach – I would train fasted – or be on my way to work with beverage in my hand. I was never hungry – so I didn’t feel like I needed to eat breakfast.

Now knowing better and understanding how the body is made to function I never do this.

I hear it all the time from woman – I don’t eat breakfast – I am just not hungry.

It often means that:

• Blood sugar is imbalanced

• Stress hormone is increased

• Thyroid isn’t function properly

• The liver is sluggish

• Stress & anxiety > increased stress hormones

If you are not hungry in the morning – it is definitely something that needs to be looked into and addressed.

During the night – we fast. The body goes 8-10 hrs without food. This does deplete energy stores – remember the liver stores glucose and releases it during the night.

After the body has used up these stores, the body releases adrenaline and cortisol to make fuel. Cortisol breaks down your gland and muscle tissue to release amino acids to be taken to the liver to be converted to glucose.

Skipping breakfast is not a badge of honour – nor does it support your body – it can lead to hormonal problems, increased weight, slow and sluggish metabolism.

May women I work with need to start slow - even if it’s a glass of juice with some salt or fruit upon waking – it’s a great start. The slow increase and incorporation of more pro-metabolic foods, improves appetite and you will start to eat more regularly – eventually waking up hungry – a good sign.

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How’s your appetite in the morning? Do you eat breakfast?

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