Inflammation prevents thyroid conversion.

For optimum health, one must keep the liver functioning smoothing and maintain good growth of friendly bacteria in the gut.

However in our modern society with a potential overuse of pharmaceuticals, highly processed diet and high levels of stress - the liver and gut are suffering, and as a result, they are at the root of the inflammation that triggers many ailments.

The liver carries out hundreds of functions in our bodies. Among many other things, it manages blood sugar; works more than any other organ to detoxify the body; secretes bile; which aids in the metabolism of fats, such as cholesterol and triglycerides; makes proteins for blood clotting; regulates our digestion; metabolizes hormones; and manufactures blood from the food we eat. It is the heaviest and largest internal organ in the human body.

Both acidic toxin in the liver and imbalance in the gut create the conditions for systemic inflammation. And it is this inflammation that can prevent the conversion of T4 into T3 and the entrance of T3 into the cells.

The liver is also a site in which emotional AMA is stored - like anger, grief, worry and stress. When these emotional toxins are not processed and taken care of - they too can create inflammation.

What can you do? To start:

1)Build a solid nutritional foundation rich in

a) grass fed organic animal proteins- these contain glycine,glutamine, cysteine and taurine.

b) Carbohydrates such as root vegetables and fruit. The liver stores glucose in the form of glycogen. When stores are full the liver can focus on other daily functions. (When not enough the body will go through a stressful process called gluconeogensis to make its own - why add more stress?)

c)Fats- stick to saturated fats like butter, tallow, egg yolks, coconut oil and good cheese. These all contain Vitamin A , D, E and K - vital for the liver.

#2 Add in raw carrots daily (see previous post)

#3 Gelatin- without the gelatinous parts of the animal you are missing out on glycine - Glycine is anti inflammatory and supports the liver through phase 2 detoxification.

Bone broth , collagen, make your own gummies (recipe for bone broth+gummies in the library section here

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