How strict do you need to be to meet your optimal health goals?

Food and nutrition can be very triggering topics for many people – especially when there is so much information out there. The dos the don’ts – the swayed studies to very strict dogmatic rules.

A question I get often is - how strict do I need to be to achieve my health goals? – and each time is pains my heart.

When we are in the mindset of being “strict” we are almost always also restricting and depriving ourselves of things we may actually need – which actually sets off a chain reaction of stress, overthinking and further dysfunction and depletion.

My approach to food does not included sticking to a specific diet or cutting out whole food groups and macronutrients. Or taking dozens of supplements and powders. Or even adapting a lifestyle that is so far away from who you are as an individual. – so many programs and protocols take the individual out of the equation


•Its all about a fine balance. And that balance will look different for everyone from person to person. Health should be sustainable not a quick fix.

•Its about upgrading current food choices to higher quality nutrient dense ones, figuring out how often eating works for you, building body awareness and starting to establishing long lasting foundational habits over time – at a pace that is suitable for the individual.

All this is of course easier said then done, but what I am trying to saying is – chill.

One step at a time – its not a race , its about learning what your body needs, and how to eat, fuel and thrive not just survive - and that takes time.

So often we do things that are “good” or “healthy” but we have to also ask ourselves if it really is good or healthy?

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