How is your poop?

Constipation? Told to add more fibre? Drink more water?

Constipation is a sign of a sluggish gut and intestine.

And yes… it is linked to hypothyroidism and low metabolic rate.

Why is elimination is important?

-So that you can remove toxins and bacteria. Longer in the body the more damage they can do.

Feces are made up mostly of dead bacteria and fibre, water and toxins

Reasons why you could be constipated:

❗️constant irritation from eating an excessive amount of fermentable fibers

❗️poor fat intake (wrong ones or not enough)

❗️Damage to the intestinal lining (scarring from iron, medication, pesticides etc)

❗️Poor microbiome (bad probiotics, too many antibiotics, etc.)

❗️a lazy bowl/ colon (its muscle after all)

❗️low stomach acid, poor digestive enzyme output and/or poor bile flow

Stress & emotional stress are the number one reason culprit - I see this in practice over and over again.

Stress tells your body to go into survival mode – and your digestion is put on hold – imagine you’re being chased by a bear – this would be a good time to not need to poop. But its more likely a deadline, poor sleep and cortisol that are the stress makers. When this happens our bodies make less stomach acid, and digestive enzymes. The muscles and auto contraction then become slow or impaired.

Thyroid imbalances, estrogen dominance and stress usually go hand in hand. Many find themselves in a cycle when it comes to digestion. Both stress and digestive issues will lead to the build up of estrogen and imbalance of the thyroid.

A healthy poop pattern will look different for everyone, but it will be at least 1-3X daily.

Things that can help:

✅Sit down and focus when you are eating - This takes us from “fight or flight” to “rest and digest.”

✅Remove distractions. Phones, TVs, books, etc. Don’t be doing other things while you are eating. Be present.

✅Slow down. Chew your food.

✅Hydrate – remember to hydrate with mineral rich foods like bone broth, fruits not just water –but if its water make it warm)

✅Minimize gut-irritating foods.

✅Don’t overdo it with fiber

✅Assess nutrient deficiencies and food intolerances.

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So… hows your poop?💩⤵️

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