Coffee won't fix your four hours of sleep

s this you?

There was a time that this was me too.

Often when a lifestyle of restrictive dieting , low blood sugar levels, stress and screens - tend to keep people wired so you stay up late or unable to get back to sleep... the solution many use to bring balance to the day is ...Coffee of course.

Your body won’t do this for long. - woman tend to wake in the night because the liver has not stored enough glycogen in the day.

The body breaks down glycogen when you sleep to create energy. If there isn’t enough stored in the liver , your body will pump out stress hormone to break down the body’s tissue for energy instead.

The sudden rise in hormones is what wakes you up and for some you are alert too!! It can be a struggle, frustrating and hard to get back to sleep.

Going to bed by 10/1030 pm as well as turning off screens at least an hour before sleep is a start.

Consuming adequate calories before bed is also helpful.

During the day the liver stores away energy to get you through the “fasted” sleep period.

Adjust your daily nourishment and add a bedtime snack

Coffee is never the fix.

Coffee is not a bad thing - but should not be something that keeps you running on stress hormones through the day.

Try it out - ask your self are you eating enough during the day? And see if adjusting impacts your sleep.

Snack ideas:

🍓Fruit and parmigiana cheese

🍯Greek yogurt, honey and fruit punch of salt

🥛Milk with honey and a punch of salt

🍊 pulp free orange juice, gelatin and a pinch of salt

🦴 bone broth, salt and fruit

How is your sleep?

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