Blood labs look normal? but somethings not right....

As we try to restore balance to our endocrine system, we miss the big picture if we focus exclusively on just a specific gland.

The body was compartmentalized solely to make it easy to understand and study and learn but this is a limited view of the way that body truly functions.

The thyroid can have an effect on many areas of the body:

• Bone loss

• Loss of hair, dry or brittle nails.

• Fatigue

• Poor digestive functions

• Problems with male fertility

• Miscarriage

• Slow metabolism

• Stunted growth in children

• Poor glucose metabolism

• High blood pressure

• High cholesterol and triglyceride levels

• Problems with high estrogen/low progesterone

• Acid reflux

• Swelling in the legs, ankles and feet

• Insomnia, anxiety, heartbeat arrhythmia, depression, memory loss, coldness in the body, poor circulation, inability to concentrate.

• Restless legs

What can you do? 👇🏾

•Build self awareness - I can teach you how.

•Nourish your body with metabolic foods

•Balance your blood sugar

•Focus on the foundations - sleep, rest, movement, self care - physically and mentally.

•A huge one - and the hardest on for many - reduce stress

Remember we are all different and one protocol will not benefit everybody.

Are you ready to make a shift away from yet another trendy diet that creates deprivation, focuses on weight and further malnourishment- Instead of body awareness, regulation and repair- you true health?

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