Bio-available Protein Sources

When working together an important area I like to focus on is building self awareness.

Awareness around eating habits, patterns , thinking , how your feeling before and after eating , your stress, your joys , your pulse and temps etc - self awareness is the first step toward making changes.

One common challenge from the woman I work with is that they can not seem to eat enough protein. And the truth is most woman aren’t - protein is important for :

•rebuilding the gut

•building block for thyroid hormone

•needed for detoxification, blood sugar balance, and for hair and skin. To name a few.

When hormones are not balanced - digestion is most likely off too.

A good amount to aim for is 100g (everyone is different) when active or training - more is required.

While bioavailable proteins come perfectly made - and come with high quality fat soluble vitamins to nourish you.


•Whole eggs

•Beef, lamb

•Fattier bits of poultry

•Fattier fish

•Full fat Dailey products (milk, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese etc)

Everyone’s needs are different for fat - some may need less and some may consume too much. It’s about individual needs. This is why I like these additions ⬇️

Protein additions & how to balance them :

•collagen & gelatine

•cottage cheese (low fat)

•Greek yogurt (low fat)


•chicken breast

•bone broth

•egg whites

🥚Add an egg white to your whole eggs 🍳

🥛 Mix full fat yogurt with lower fat yogurt

🦐 Some shellfish with your fatter cut of chicken

You don’t need to avoid fat - there are so many nutrients there and it is what helps the absorption of fat soluble vitamins as well as copper.

It’s about customizing whole foods to your needs and goals - it’s about that awareness and knowing what feels best for you.

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