Benefits of Gelatin

Why is Gelatin so important?

It has been linked to helping:

• Digestion

• Joint inflammation

• Increased insulin sensitivity

• Increased gastric juices in the stomach

• Healing of the gut lining and protecting the stomach from ulcers

• Improved allergies

• Helping to stabilize blood glucose levels

• Improved wound healing

• Improved memory

• Improved liver detoxification

• Improved health of hair skin and nails

• Helping arthritis and diabetes.

❓Why is this?

Because of its lack of inflammatory amino acids that are found in other proteins. Gelatin is void of tryptophan and also contains very little cysteine, methionine and histidine.

A person with a slow metabolism would benefit from a lower muscle meat diet and a higher in bone broth and gelatin ( see few post back about bone broth)

Powdered gelatin is not as great as broth but still is a great way to incorporate the benefits. The powder can be incorporated into smoothies, soups, sauces etc.

I recommend a grass fed organic bovine gelatin – these are great for making gummies, marshmallows, ice-cream, custards, soups sauces and mousses. (must be dissolved in warm water)

greatlakesgelatin is a great one.

Basic gelatin gummy recipe and bone broth recipe on my website under library – link in bio

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Do you consume gelatin?

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