Anemia is most often not a deficiency but an iron dysregulation.

Did you know that the Earth is 80% iron at its core?

➡️Did you know: that since 1941 there has been an increase of up to 380% in iron in our food through fortified foods?

Anemia is defined as “iron deficiency” in the blood.

This is something that comes up a lot – weekly with many of my clients.

💊They are told they have anemia and are usually directed to take a supplement or even at times an iron shot. Most often woman are told that their anemia is related to their monthly blood loss – this is not the case however.

➡️Did you know: the body has a recycling system called Reticuloendothelial System (RES)

➡️Did you know that cooper is required to keep iron regulated? Copper is involved in almost ALL aspects of iron metabolism — because without it, iron turns to rust! The body takes iron from the blood and then stores it in your tissues to keep iron from feeding pathogens (a bacterium, virus, or other microorganism that can cause disease.)

“iron deficiency “ should really be “iron accumulation” In my opinion.

💡 Moving iron out of your tissues takes time and patience. But it is possible

❌Avoid iron fortified foods

✅Consume foods that are vitamin A rich –(beef liver, eggs, cheese, milk)

✅Consume foods that are cooper rich (oysters, shellfish, liver, potatoes)

✅Donate blood

🤔Rethink supplementation ( sups can make levels look good on a test but are not resolving the root of the issue)

What is your experience? Have you had a diagnosis is anemia?

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