5 Ways towards slowing down

When slowing down is the only option - 5 simple ways to slow down.

I was forced to slow down (more like stop fully ) here is what got me through and what I will continue to do daily:

•Surrender and be present - It was only in the acceptance of what was that I could fully be present with myself, my family and what I needed to prioritize

•Prioritize- As a mother and a practitioner who runs her own practice and business - pushing through was not an option - Guess what nothing collapsed- clients were open and understanding - all I had to do was communicate instead of creating epic stories about how they will suffer without me. My biggest priority was rest and being present with my family.

•Boundaries- setting clear boundaries not only with other but also with myself. People - I know you know what I am talking about - we set intentions to rest - but as a “doer” sitting can uncomfortable, not being productive cultivates guilt- this was uncomfortable -I had to ride out. In the process I got to the root of my inability to not stop - hint it all steam from our childhood - and even though I work with clients on this daily - I was not taking my own medicine.

•Gratitude- taking intentional moments to thank the Creator for being alive , for my breath, for my body, for the beauty of the Earth and for my struggles, grief and loss.

•Ask for help - sounds simple but hard for those who are not fully open to receive or tend to have a need to maintain control in their environment (clears throat) - this can steam from a need to maintain safety.

•Foundations- the foundations I teach and practice daily were the very routines and practices that saved me. ⤵️

〰️have a deeply connected spiritual practice and relationship with the Creator

〰️sleep well

〰️ eat well

〰️ breath well

〰️ move your body

〰️ meditate/pray daily

〰️ spend time in nature

〰️ nurture your creativity

〰️have gratitude

Many shifts have occurred this year - what are some of the ways you slowdown? Or some ways you may like to introduce? Comment below and please share ⤵️

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