Monitor The Mind

The mind is a subtle body influenced by the three gunas, and like the physical body must be cared for.

This exercise helps you to monitor the state of your mind, and become more aware of the nature of the thoughts that enter it.

Staying motivated

At times it is difficult to motivate ourselves to perform the daily practices that improve our health. Often this lack of motivation is caused by subconscious beliefs, placed in our minds by the information and conditioning we have received over our lifetimes. However, the knowledge of such beliefs, or even of our minds’ conditioning is not enough to overcome these blockages. We must deeply and courageously look directly into our minds.

Deep introspection

This act of introspection is part of raja yoga. The first step is to develop an awareness that we are indeed conditioned, which we may only vaguely realize. Part of this conditioning may come from a distant past ( even past lives) while the rest comes from people who educated us, from our families and friends and from the culture we were born into.

We must also become aware of our mental state- the predominance of rajas (agitation) and tamas (resistance) . The more we engage in this work, the more we realize how important this awareness is , as our minds affect our physical bodies, too – the cells in the body are constantly under the influence of the thoughts in the mind.

Develop an awareness of your mental state:

Sit comfortably in a quiet place with your eyes closed and your back straight. Take a few deep breaths, and begin.

  1. Relax your mind. Concentrate on the present by focusing on your body and our breath.

  2. Shift your mental focus within by visualizing and open space or a lake without waves

  3. Try to observe your mind, becoming aware of the quality and nature of your thoughts and emotions

  4. If you see any negative or disturbing thoughts, do not try to drive them out – focus on your breathing

  5. Visualize yourself exhaling all the negative thought in your mind.

Observe the nature of the thoughts that enter your mind. Consider whether they are sattva ( harmonious) tamasic (resistant) or rajasic (agitated)

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