What is Digestive Agni

April 25, 2019



Agni means "to ignite" it is found all over our body, in every cell, in our DNA and every living thing.


Agni is the the driving force of cellular energy from our mitochondria. Your sex drive, enzymes and neurotransmitters would not exist i not for agni . Your mood, behavior , hunger levels and even sleep require agni. All of the bodys life promoting agni would not be if not for the agni at the beginning of our digestive system, called jathara agni.  If the agni is our of balance - it will disrupt many area throughout the body as well as the other 41 sites of agni in the body. The agni ( fire ) is needed to ignite the contraction of our muscle cells, supplies nutrients to feed our cells, manufacture enzymes, and perfect your complexion all depend on the jathara agni.


Agni is the underlying heat that creates pitta, and pitta is the container that holds agni.


B A L A N C I N G   J A T H A R A   A G N I


There are four states of Agni


SAMA AGNI - is balanced agni or balanced digestion.

VISHAMA AGNI - is vata caused digestive concerns

TRIKSHANA AGNI - is pitta caused digestive concerns

MANDA AGNI - is kapha caused digestive concerns


As you can see the imbalances are linked to imbalanced doshas.


VISHAMA AGNI is described as irregular digestion, that changes all the time due to imbalance of vata in the system (air, dryness and nerveous system stress) Digestion can be erratic, irregular, constipated, variable with gas, and abdominal stress.. There can be food intolerance and sensitivities present that cause abdominal discomfort, heaviness and tiredness after meals. This can lead to constipation, anxiety , dry skin, fear, mild joint discomfort and poor sleep.


Spices to incorporate: Coriander, cardamon, cumin, fennel and ginger.

* slow down when you eat, sit and relax. Have regular meal times.

* Consume warm foods, that have sweet, sour and salty tastes. With good fats, like ghee.


TRIKSHANA AGNI is caused by access pitta (fire) that can inflame, overheat and compromise the lining of the stomach and small intestines.. To put our the fire these people tend to go after sweets and sugary foods or they get irritated if they don't get food on time. The access heat can cause heartburn, acid reflux , hot flashes, hay fever and allergies, loose bowl movements, bad breath, body odor, anger, nausea, liver and gall bladder congestion, blood sugar concerns as well as reddish and irritated complexion.


Spices to incorporate: clove, cardamon, amla, long pepper, ginger root, fenugreek seed.

* Eat cooling foods - fruits and veggies. Focus on sweet, bitter and astringent tastes.


MANDA AGNI is slow sluggish digestion caused by excess kapha ( earth and water elements) The heaviness of the earth and water cool the agni and put it out, making digestion to be long, heavy and slow.  People feel heavy after a meal and seems to just sit in their stomach. Because the jathara agni is put out people tend to gain weight even if they are not eating more then they normally do. Can cause lethargy, tiredness, fatigue, mild edema and lymph congestion. Extra water weight can lead to clammy skin, heart and circulatory concerns, as well as melancholy  and mood imbalances.


Spices to incorporate: Pippali Fruit, Black Pepper Fruit,  Ginger Root

* Boost digestive fire with warming foods that focus on pungent , spicy, sour, and salty tastes. ( foods that are typically harvested in the spring )
































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