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I’ve helped my clients:

→ reduce overwhelm

→ simplify their to dos

→ prioritize their wants and needs by establishing their values

→ be unapologetic about saying “no”

→ find clarity on where to start

→ reestablish metabolic cellular health - thyroid, gut, adrenal, hormonal and fertility imbalances

→ build rhythm + routine in the day, month and seasons that is rooted in the foundations of a spiritual practice.

I’d love to help you make changes towards a more balanced life, too.

Why I do what I do

I have experienced first hand how building  health and lifestyle foundations, doing less, slowing down and living into what matters most can improve our lives.

For many years I suffered from a spectrum of symptoms - from digestive issues to heavy periods, to social anxiety to headaches - but I put off seeing anyone about it - I was just "too busy". - My body eventually had to stop - I saw a professional.

My digestive issues, heavy periods, social anxieties, thyroid imbalances were rooted in a slew of unresolved traumas, unrest and poor lifestyle and dietary habits. My headaches - little did I know were rooted in me clenching down on my jaws for hours and while I slept -  I was in a perpetual stress state. Flight mode - hypervigilant 24/7.

Here was the big lesson - by not taking care of myself lead to an imbalanced body, mind and soul.

To make changes meant becoming a new person - it meant reducing the clutter in my, in my environment, my to do lists, in my relationships and focusing my thoughts and trust in the Lord daily. in a way I had to die to my old self.

As the process unfolded I began to see what as important in my life. My to do lists started to look different and feel different - I started to prioritize the essentials - the things that were most meaningful. My lifestyle began to be rooted in faith and taking care of my body. Everything from my diet, daily routines to my reactions changed by determining my values and living in His word daily.

Which has lead me to a well nourished fulfilling life.

Through both my training and my own life experiences I want to share what I’ve learned with other women who put everything and everyone before God and their own well-being. With those who don’t (or won’t!) justify spending time on their needs, even though it can make life feel beyond just manageable.

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A little bit about me

→ I was born in the UK.  Both my parents were born in Africa and my family originates from Punjab India.  I live in Canada with my husband and our son.

→ My day to day includes reading scripture, nature and herbal teas. I love working in the garden and have a passion for cooking and creating in the kitchen. I enjoy working with my hands and taking care of my home - lets bring back the homemaking homestead shall we? When not at home I am in the forest by the water or with friends and family.

→ I have a vast educational background - but my calling over the last several years has been slow biblical living that honours my rich Indian heritage.
→My name means : one who loves to sing the praises of the Lord

→ I like to cook and feed people - we are all hungry for something.

→ I love to read - and have at least 4-5 books going at once.

→I don't have a cell phone

→ I have been working with woman since 2008 and love every moment of it.


Pencil and notepad


Western University BA Biology - London ON

Canadian School Of Natural Nutrition

Registered Holistic Nutrition Certification -Toronto ON

Living Earth School of Herbalism - Certified Traditional Herbalism 800 hrs  Maple ON

Kerala Ayurveda Academy - Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner- Kerala, India 1600hrs

Marma Chikitsa therapy and foundational Panchakarma therapies

Advanced yoga Teacher Training (RYT 500)

Thai yoga massage 200hrs

Sivananda Ashram - Pranayama -India

Ayurveda Psychology with Manjusha Vinjamury

Sivananda Vedanta Food As Medicine Educator

Dr. David Frawley//Ayurvedic studies

K. P. Khalsa //The Way of Ayurvedic Herbs

Vaidika -Dharma Rituals & Teachings

Healthier Hormones with Dr. Claudia Welch

Compassionate Inquiry Professional Program  with Dr Gabor Mate