I invite you to the HEARTH & HOME seasonal herbal wellness box.

When we tend the hearth fire of our homes and lives , we open ourselves up to the rhythms of the day and the seasonal cycles. We are in tune with receiving nourishment that feeds our body and elements of Gods creation to nourish our soul. 

I invite you back to the roots of a simpler and softer life. Through seasonal living and simple rhythms. Through this seasonal wellness box I invite you fill your heart, habits, and homes with a more intentional way of life.


  • 4 herbal wellness boxes delivered to you every season (every 3 months)

  • A curated, handmade collection of 4-6+ full size herbal & home offerings, educational information for use, seasonal recipes and  a links to seasonal downloads

  • Each box explores the elemental qualities of each season through the lense of Traditional Indian Medicine and traditional slow living.

  • As well as a year round 15% discount code for the online herbal shop

  • Homegrown and locally sourced herbs and plants. Organic and small batch.


  • Herbalist formulated and curated.


  • Anyone who wants to support local small bioregional herbalism and wants to empower local growers and makers

  • Those who wish to explore the medicinal gifts of the Creato

  • Those who wish to live in cycle with the seasons and support ones health

  • Those who  want to learn how to incorporate herbal medicine into their daily routines, and move towards a softer, slower, simpler life.


  • Deeper connection with the seasonal rhythms.

  • Increased knowledge of daily herbal uses.


  • Working with plants for better overall wellness.


  • Cultivating intentional  + slow living rooted in faith.


  • Products to build up your own herbal  cabinet


  • Inspiration

home grown | small batch | hand made | herbalist formulated 

The 2021 full year membership consists of 4 herbal boxes per year, shipping out each season ( every three months).

2021 Dates

Box 1 Spring ships March 20th

Box 2 Summer ships out June 21st

Box 3 Fall ships out September 23rd

Box 4 Winter ships out December 2nd

“My body is the temple of the Holy Spirit Who lives within me,

Whom I have received from God. ”


Part of honouring God’s will is taking care of ourselves. If we are not well, how can we do the things that He needs us to do? Our bodies are wondrous “temples,” created by Him to sustain us through our Earthly lives. How are you treating your temple? Keeping our bodies nourished is incredibly important for maintaining good health.

Bodies that are well-nourished spiritually and physically are better equipped vehicles for doing God’s work.

A mindfully curated space grounded in scripture, the seasons and slow ancestral traditions

Living simply is not something you arrive at or something accomplish. It is something of a balance that is nurtured and nourished throughout our entire lives.

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