A 4 month, one on one guided Ayurvedic Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching Program

You know this program is for you if...

  • You want to know what food your body needs to heal.

  • You want to have lasting energy to feel and BE your best you.

  • You want more restful, restorative sleep.

  • You want more balance in your life and to not always feel so restricted.

  • You want sustainable and lasting health.

  • You want food freedom and to feel empowered and confident about your health.

  • You want to discover everyday tools for improving digestion & boosting energy

  • You want to develop a nurturing self-care practice

  • You want to learn meditation techniques for overcoming obstacles

  • You want to connect with the seasonal cycles of nature & harness your creative potential by understanding lunar cycles & energy

  • You want to release self-limiting habits & thought patterns

  • You want to strengthen your intuition & unveil your inner wisdom

  • You are ready to commit to your health.

  • You are ready for change.

  • What You’ll Receive

  • In-depth health history consultation

  • 60-minute coaching sessions twice a month, via phone/zoom/in-person (8 sessions)

  • Unlimited email/voxer support (Monday-Friday)

  • Weekly email support and accountability

  • Personalized wellness plan with comprehensive steps to guide you towards your health goals

  • Handouts and tracking tools to allow you to tune into your body.

  • Lessons on how to breath and move for your body's needs

  • Guided exploration on establishing a daily routine

  • Special discounts to online future online programs, events and shop.

Ayurveda + Nutritional Consultation Packages


Through an in-depth evaluation of your state of health, lifestyle practices, physical and emotional attributes, I develop an understanding of your unique constitution and any root causes of imbalance or illnesses you may be experiencing. Your constitution or Prakruti will be determined and a program will be developed to bring you back to your state of natural ease, balance and health. You will be supported to make the changes in your life that will bring lasting effects and enhance your healing process. Overall, your treatment path will be one intended to restore your full alignment to nature and in turn return you to your optimal state of living. 

It is highly suggested in Ayurveda and holistic practices that you enter into your own healing path with guidance and full empowerment. To do this best, Ayurveda is not a prescriptive medicine that offers quick fixes or medicine for symptoms.

Instead, I engage in a process of healing that takes time and commitment. For this reason, I often suggest that you are ready and devoted to your own well-being so that you can implement therapies fully and track the shifts and healing process that occurs, adjusting where necessary. ( 5-10 session to start recommended)


Once balance is restored I offer you a 'maintenance program' to keep you attuned to that state of effortless healthfulness.

My goal for you is to teach you to tune into your own body wisdom and teach you how to nourish it with what it needs to thrive at a cellular level.

In depth initial consultation 1 hr - $150 + tax

Follow up (must have had an initial consultation) 30 min - $95 + tax

5 Consultation Package ( 1 Initial +4 follow up ) $490 + tax

10 Consultation Package ( 1 initial + 9 follow ups) $900 + tax

Custom flower essence + herbal tea  - add $100



Flower essences are a subtle form of energy medicine that can have powerfully transformative effects. Each essence bottle contains the energetic imprint (or vibration) of a specific flower, collected at the height of their bloom and infused in pure spring water. Flower essences are used to release limiting patterns of thought or perspective, helping us to recognize and fulfill greater states of harmony and joyful purpose. Used consistently, flower essences can have tremendous effects on your emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. 

Each flower holds its own unique imprint of medicine and messages that can assist within your own path of healing, revealing, transformation, self love and emotional freedom.

Flower essences have no scent and a very light taste.
They are safe for children and pets and are compatible with all other forms of therapy or medicine.

Why herbal tea? 

Herbal teas provide heat, warmth and ritual. Not only do they provide deep tissue nourishment they provide comfort and aromatics. 

These sessions are intended to offer basic 1:1  lifestyle coaching  focusing on establishing daily routines and basic nutritional advice. 

For more indepth consultation see other packages offered or contact to see what package maybe better suited

Along with your consultation you will receive a custom flower essence remedy and a custom herbal tea blend.

Consultation will be 1 - 1.5 hrs long. You will be sent an intake sheet that must be returned prior to our session with payment 

Investment : $250 

Includes shipping 







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