Are you ready to live a life that is balanced, nurtured and nourished?

1:1 wellness coaching is designed for those who have experienced enough health frustrations to last a lifetime and are 100% ready to take control of their health and lifestyle.

I teach you how to use food and herbs to provide your body with the environment it needs to heal adrenals, restore thyroid health, support digestion and regulate the nervous system.

As well as lifestyle practices that are rooted in Traditional Indian Medicine home daily routine practices.

Can you relate?

  • You feel depleted from always putting tasks and other people above God and your own personal needs?

  • You’ve convinced yourself that there isn’t enough time to take time to have a faith focused foundational practice or take good care yourself

  • You keep pushing through regardless of how you are feeling

  • You worry about falling behind

  • You physically feel fatigued, cold, tired, bloated and generally unwell

  • You deal with heavy periods, cramps and hormonal issues

  • You generally feel like you’re dragging your feet and have a depleted sluggish metabolism

  • You feel restless when you try to rest

Flowers in Pocket


  • Hormone balancing

  • Prenatal / Preconception nutrition

  • Pregnancy nutrition

  • Postpartum nutrition

  • Metabolic rehabilitation

  • Thyroid regulation

  • “Adrenal fatigue”

  • Digestive issues

  • Burn-out / Slow living

  • Herbalism

What is involved?

The Balanced, Nurtured & Nourished Program is a 4 month nutrition & lifestyle program that is designed to help you reduce stress, increase thyroid health, regulate and balance the nervous system. As well as address digestive imbalances.

Your sessions start off with an in-depth health and lifestyle history intake and food log analysis to establish your personal needs.

From here you will receive  customized session outline - which will be followed up by bi-weekly 1:1 video sessions.

Each session is built off of the previous session so that any concerns that come up may be addressed or readjusted as needed.

In addition to a custom plan and 1:1 calls you will receive printable resources to help you keep on track and reference back to - from meal and snack ideas. As well as detailed session notes prior to each call.


This program is for you if...

  • You are overwhelmed with the many diet trends and food information out there

  • You feel stressed mentally and physically

  • You want to know what foods work best for you and how they work best for you

  • You want more balance in your life, want to ditch restriction and tune into cyclical rhythms

  • You want more energy and improved restorative sleep

  • You are committed to sustainable and lasting health

  • You are ready for change

  • You want more time to have a spiritual  foundation

How this program works...

Developing and Building The Foundation

The first stage of the program is creating a foundation to provide your body the environment it needs to start healing. This stage is very important - and will continue to develop as you go along through the next stages.

This stage you learn what foods are metabolic, how they work in the body and how they provide the body with the qualities needed to "turn on" the thyroid, nourish the adrenals and support gut health and repair.

​Building Body Awareness

The second stage you will lean into tuning into your body cues and establishing a baseline to interpret your body patterns. It is important to develop  body awareness - this allows you to know what your body needs to not only meet yourself nutritionally  but also how your body reacts and demands energy in times of stress.

Cultivating Daily Routines

The third stage is all about creating solid night/sleep routines and morning routines - this can be as in depth as you like or kept really simple - depending on your needs and wants.

Sleep is a foundation to reduce stress, balance your hormones and repair your body.


This stage will also include implementing strategies to prepare you for success, experimenting and finding  what works for you.

Creating Consistency

The last stage is all about creating consistency in your routines, habits and establishing a flow and rhythm - this isn't about perfection but consistency, its about learning how the body works and what your body needs - its about developing resilience, and body awareness to bring the body back to a balanced state and to increase your strength and resiliency to stress.

By the end of the program you will..

  • Have a foundation for long term health

  • Have balanced your blood sugar levels for reduced stress and increased energy

  • Learnt how to meet your body's metabolic and spiritual needs

  • Have gained space, time, freedom and empowerment

  • Ended the cycle of diets and symptom chasing

  • Learnt how to support your adrenals, nervous system and boost thyroid function with food


“My body is the temple of the Holy Spirit Who lives within me,

Whom I have received from God. ”


Part of honouring God’s will is taking care of ourselves. If we are not well, how can we do the things that He needs us to do? Our bodies are wondrous “temples,” created by Him to sustain us through our Earthly lives. How are you treating your temple? Keeping our bodies nourished is incredibly important for maintaining good health.

Bodies that are well-nourished spiritually and physically are better equipped vehicles for doing God’s work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

For anyone who is ready, committed and ready for change.


The principles you will learn in the Balanced, Nurtured & Nourished Program are rooted in physiology not the latest diet trend. Regardless of your imbalance your body's needs are universal - and each of your 30+ trillion cells need to be fed  - each of the seven tissue levels to our vital organs need fuel and vital ingredients to thrive. This fuel is essential to restoring the balance between the brain (nervous system), your adrenal glands and your thyroid ( the whole body really)

How long is the consulting program?

The consulting program is a minimum of 4 months but longer options are available depending on you needs.

The goal is to tailor the program to your needs in a way that is going to result in a positive and healing outcome.

How many consultations are in Balanced, Nurtured & Nourished Program?

You will receive (1) 60-minute initial consultation + (7) 30-minute progress consultations.

These consultations are scheduled bi-weekly, however the frequency of your sessions will be determined at the time.

How do I pay for the Balanced, Nurtured & Nourished Program?

Once you apply and commit to the coaching process, you will be sent a payment link through pay-pal


Is this a course?

No. This is a one-on-one nutrition and lifestyle

coaching program.

How are the consultations conducted?

Consultation are via Zoom


Will I get a meal plan ?

You will receive meal and snack ideas, food lists and a copy of the Balanced, Nurtured & Nourished e-book to help you along with your meal planning.

Is there email support?

Yes. You are required to email me weekly with a check in on your progress - along with any questions that have come up within the week. You will receive a response within 24-48 hours.

What steps do I need to take?

I am here to guide you and help you develop the the skills you need to heal with simple tools.

You will need to email me weekly and include required logs and food/body awareness progress as well as updates and with any questions that come up in the week.


Just like anything else progress will all depend on the effort you put in.