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Consultation & coaching


Through an in-depth evaluation of your state of health, lifestyle practices, physical and emotional attributes, I develop an understanding of your unique constitution and any root causes of imbalance or illnesses you may be experiencing. Your constitution or Prakruti will be determined and a program will be developed to bring you back to your state of natural ease, balance and health. You will be supported to make the changes in your life that will bring lasting effects and enhance your healing process. Overall, your treatment path will be one intended to restore your full alignment to nature and in turn return you to your optimal state of living. 

It is highly suggested in Ayurveda and holistic practices that you enter into your own healing path with guidance and full empowerment. To do this best, Ayurveda is not a prescriptive medicine that offers quick fixes or medicine for symptoms.

Instead, I engage in a process of healing that takes time and commitment. For this reason, I often suggest that you are ready and devoted to your own well-being so that you can implement therapies fully and track the shifts and healing process that occurs, adjusting where necessary. 


My goal for you is to teach you to tune into your own body wisdom and teach you how to nourish it with what it needs to thrive at a cellular level.

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  • You might be looking for a whole life overhaul or may want to tippy-toe into learning about the magic of simple habits you can adopt—like drinking warm water to begin your day—that will have a big impact.

  • You want a compassionate space to look at your lifestyle, habits, and diet to tease out what’s working, not working, and what could work better.

  • You’re interested in learning healthier lifestyle routines and how to navigate modern life in a way that feels more balancing, sustaining, and meaningful. You’re also interested in having a better relationship with food and being in attunement with the seasons.

  • You may have specific ailments you’d like to address, such as anxiety, digestive issues, fatigue, inflammation, insomnia, chronic pain or stress. - My specialities include digestive health, thyroid health, hormone balancing and pregnancy preparation - through the development of self-awareness.

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Immerse yourself in the nourishing elixir of life and taste the magic of  self-transformation

-Jasprit Bhuee

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