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I’m so excited about building the Patreon community, because it is a safe private space allowing for open discussion and dialogue.  We can dive deeper into slow living methods, and mindsets that help you get off the hustle train.

Metabolic seasonal recipes to support your body, playlists and so much more.

You are also able to ask questions and have conversations with others in the community.

Join me for less then a price of a latte.

Once you join you get access to everything I’ve shared so far plus new resources every month. Can't wait to get to know you – and to see the space grow into an amazing, supportive community.

“My body is the temple of the Holy Spirit Who lives within me,

Whom I have received from God. ”


Part of honouring God’s will is taking care of ourselves. If we are not well, how can we do the things that He needs us to do? Our bodies are wondrous “temples,” created by Him to sustain us through our Earthly lives. How are you treating your temple? Keeping our bodies nourished is incredibly important for maintaining good health.

Bodies that are well-nourished spiritually and physically are better equipped vehicles for doing God’s work.

A mindfully curated space grounded in scripture, the seasons and slow ancestral traditions

Living simply is not something you arrive at or something accomplish. It is something of a balance that is nurtured and nourished throughout our entire lives.

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