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Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage is "the physical application of loving kindness"



Traditional Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient healing art, handed down from teacher to pupil since the third century BC.

Thai Yoga Massage (TYM) uses an energy line system—the Ten Sen—through which the body's natural life force flows. Blockages in this life force cause aches, pains and disease.


The therapist uses hands, feet and elbows to apply pressure to important points on the energy lines, together with gentle stretching and applied Hatha Yoga. This releases blocked energy and frees the body's healing potential, restoring balance and harmony.


Originating in India and strongly linked to Buddhism, TYM is always practised in a meditative mood. It is said to be "the physical application of loving kindness".


What are the therapeutic benefits of Thai Yoga Massage?

TYM treats ailments such as headache, knee pain, back, shoulder and neck pain, premenstrual tension and others. It is especially effective for numbness or loss of feeling in conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, or after a stroke, and can help with pain relief during labour.


The treatment improves flexibility, relaxes, restores and energises.


Who is Thai Yoga Massage for?

Contrary to popular preconceptions, TYM does not require receiver to be flexible, athletic or strong. Each treatment is designed to suit client needs. As the basic principle is to balance the energy body with palming and thumbing techniques, this form of body work can be done on or by anyone: young, old, healthy or unwell!


TYM's wonderful yoga-based stretches are secondary and do not need to be integral to the treatment. However, for those able to receive them, these effective and beautiful stretches really enhance the experience and benefits.


The practitioner guides the client through a series of yoga postures, while palming and thumbing along the body’s energy (‘Sen’) lines and pressure points. Together these actions result in a comprehensive full body treatment that relieves muscular tension, improves circulation, boosts the immune system and balances the body energetically.


Thai Bodywork gives the benefits of massage, yoga, and energy work in one nurturing dance. It is an ancient healing art form practiced in Thailand.  

Traditionally given on a floor mat with clients fully clothed, Thai bodywork is a whole-body treatment. Thai massage is performed on a floor mat. The client is dressed in comfortable clothes to allow for ease of movement. The massage combines assisted yoga, stretches and massage into a healing experience.

Ayurvedic Scalp Massage


Ayurvedic Scalp Massage is an integral part of the Ayurvedic healing system that originated in India, millennia ago, and has been passed down through generations. The art was developed by and for women in India with the aim of stimulating long, healthy hair.


ASM is a technique of manipulating soft tissues in the shoulders and scalp. The therapist uses a range of different massage pressures and rhythms to stimulate the head and neck area. A typical massage lasts about 20 minutes.


Ayurvedic Scalp Massage usually begins with working on the upper back and shoulders. A combination of deep massage techniques and using pressure on release points helps to relax and loosen the muscles. Moving upwards, from the back into the shoulders and upper arms helps release tension in muscles (such as Trapezius and Levator Scapulae) to release stress and tension.  This helps to alleviate headaches.  It also improves the circulation of the cerebral spinal fluid. Continuing with the upward movement, the scalp is then massaged using techniques that stimulate, relax and revive the entire head and scalp.  This increases circulation and promotes healthy hair growth.

Often, Indian Head Massage includes a gentle face massage to aid circulation, improve skin tone, and reduce sinus and headache problems.


  • Aids the circulatory, muscular and nervous systems

  • Frees knots of muscular tension and relaxes connective tissue

  • Stimulates arterial circulation, and increases venous and lymphatic flow

  • Reduces stress and can induce a feeling of euphoria

  • Stimulates the skin and underlying nerve endings

  • Aids in the elimination of accumulated toxins and waste products

  • It is particularly effective in addressing the effects of stress.

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Immerse yourself in the nourishing elixir of life and taste the magic of  self-transformation

-Jasprit Bhuee

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