It is easy to get carried away by our everyday responsibilities, created by society or by ourselves.

We are, more or less, becoming ignorant when considering our health. I see it in clinic all the time and the more we do, the more we can feel disconnected from our bodie...


Essentialism is a pursuit of a life when you’re doing less, but better.

The book starts with a great quote on productivity:

Essentialism is not about how to get more things done, it’s about how to get the right things done.

It’s about the wisest possible investment of yo...


Agni means "to ignite" it is found all over our body, in every cell, in our DNA and every living thing.

Agni is the the driving force of cellular energy from our mitochondria. Your sex drive, enzymes and neurotransmitters would not exist i not for agni . Your mood, beha...


We live in a modern world – which includes a high level of sleep deprivation. I would call it a health epidemic. Scientists from the Oxford University are saying that people are sleeping about 1-2 hours less than sixty years ago. In context of an eight hour sleep cycle...


Moving our bodies daily is so important for our mental health, for healthy skin as well keeping our internal organs running smoothly. By getting ourselves moving more each day, we are helping our minds and bodies function at their best – here are some of the benefits:



Up to 70% of people I work with have digestive complains of some sort or another. Anything from bloating and indigestion to infrequent bowl movements to too many bowl movements. Our digestion is linked to so much more than just filling our bellies – its fuel for our br...


Today officially marks the beginning of the Spring Equinox in the Western Hemisphere.

In Ayurveda, spring is ruled by by Kapha Dosha - the elements of Earth + Water and the bodies most valuable filtering organs; the lymph system, gallbladder + liver.

The g...


Ashwaganda is used for its restorative benefits, nourishing the bone layer and strengthening the immune system. Ashwaganda makes this cocoa thicker, with an additional malty taste. Due to its heating energy, ashwaganda is recommended for use in the colder weather.



A perfect cup of chai is something I live for. Although there are alternatives for cows milk and caffeine free variations that I have made for myself and others - I wanted to share the real thing. . .

Serves 4

4 cups water

1 cup whole organic milk or alternative

1 1/2...


To assist healthy, balanced digestion one way is to bring the qualities of agni into our body through our food and drink. These qualities are warm, light and slightly oily.

Ayurvedic buckwheat pancakes are a delicious way to do this.

In it’s pure form, buckwheat is heat...


Having some water with lemon can be a good thing - however not for everyone. Lemon is sharp and too much water on an empty stomach for someone with sluggish digestion can weaken one’s digestive fire even more. . . Another way to start your day is with cooked apple.


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March 4, 2019

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