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faith + food + wellness + culture + community

Honour The Temple is a multimedia platform with a focus on faith, food, community, culture & lifestyle.

Our intention is rooted in the art of consciously living in harmony with Gods creation. In this spirit, we curate content to foster living sustainably with balance, integrity, and vitality for individual, collective and environmental well-being.


Living in the information age of constant change, we believe in cultivating our seeds on the foundation of God rooted in scripture.

Where the knowledge is vast and deeply entrenched in the interconnection between the mind, body, and soul. Traveling wide and far into an array of topics. Promoting vitality and sustainability, beyond individual wellness. We believe this universal knowledge keep us grounded and guides our work.


Our platform brings together like-minded people who share our values, vision, and approach. With an understanding that sound Biblical knowledge has the ability to foster inner wisdom, and can guide our choices.


We take an insightful, educational, curious, open-minded, service-oriented approach. Knowing we have agency in cultivating a balanced, vital and sustainable life.


Honour The Temple originally came to fruition in 2006, as a blog, a pop up food demo and food prep service.

Since than my work expanded into a 14 year career as a Holistic Nutritional Practitioner. My work has lead me down many paths from reconnecting me to my ancestral roots and its food culture and medicines to discovering that a truly fulfilled life is one that is sustained by a spiritual practice as well as food.


After many years of dedication to various spiritual endeavors and practices - I was saved by the Grace of YHVH in 2019

This space is intended to elevate the word of God through the exploration of food and cooking.

Fresh Apples
Image by Brittney Weng


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